"Heading Up" Giclée Prints ~ One Size

"Heading Up" Giclée Prints ~ One Size

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Limited Edition of 100 - One Size: 11" x 16"

This floating staircase was an architectural feat by Albert Hadley built in Manhattan around 1962. Because I have a strong fascination with spiral staircases, I wanted to add a whimsical impression of this particular staircase going upwards amid stark lighting and highly contrasting shadows..... painted in an unlikely color combination. 

Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay”) prints are unlike other reproduction prints. It is a high resolution image that is reproduced with permanent, fade-resistant inks. It is the most accurate representation of the artist’s original artwork.  After the Artist has approved the final color adjustments, the giclee is ready to print on high quality watercolor paper.

According to tests conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research, the inks have proved stable for at least 70 years without the characteristic fading seen in most other types of reproduction processes. This means that the giclee print will be as beautiful for generations to come as it is today.

All her limited-edition giclee prints are signed and numbered by Katharine Taylor.

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