~ About the Artist ~

The watercolors gathered here at The Color Gallerie are Katharine's lifelong muse. We hope you meander through all of the collections and thoroughly enjoy each of them ~

"I am taken with the architectural elements of old buildings and find them more interesting as they weather beautifully with age…. cracked and patched plaster, moldy green stones and splintered wood tell the story of the structure especially through the doorways and windows. It brings a sense of familiarity and comfort to me and I want others to experience that same feeling from looking at one of my paintings, that breathtaking feeling of déjà vu."


"On the flip side, I have found that the simpler the composition, the more effective the painting. It started with the spiral staircase in “Heading Up” and continues with "Coming Down" and "Ready to Row". The shadows and high contrast make for a more interesting design. Funny how we eventually return to what we initially loved to do in the first place! Once again, déjà vu strikes.” ~ katharine



Although a lifetime Virginia native, she’s traveled to Europe several times, and looks forward to spending more time abroad this year. As you can see, her inspiration comes from the beautiful ancient aspects of architectural elements; gateways, stairways, windows and of course, Katharine's doorways.